Advanced Data Science

A simple solution for complex problem solvers.
If you’re responsible for highly complex problem solving, with a need for strict monitoring and issue prevention, Statwolf can help, with advanced online data visualisation and analysis simply running in your web browser.
Through data science, Statwolf can help you analyse your data, and find the best way to make use of it, leading to valuable insights.
With a rich library of Machine Learning algorithms, Statwolf can unlock hidden patterns and help generate accurate forecasts you can feed directly into your processes.
Statwolf’s data science solutions:
Data Quality Assessment, Data Integration Consulting and Implementation.
Custom Data Analysis, including Descriptive, Predictive and Perspective Analytics.
Custom Data Workflow (from Collection to Analysis and Reporting) engineering for specific purposes

(eg. Collecting online Reviews and Sentiment Analysis).
Custom Data Modelling (e.g. Ad Fraud Detection, Digital Campaign Optimisation) from Feasibility to Deployment.
Custom Machine Learning Algorithm Creation and Implementation.
How does it work?
The Statwolf platform is designed to handle large volumes of data from multiple sources, offering native integration with Big Data technology stacks (such as, Hadoop, Spark and MongoDB). As part of a strong academic network, we’re constantly working on improving both the capability of our platform and our data expertise.

Our strong relationship with Italy’s University of Padua, ensures we’re always up-to-speed on the latest machine learning techniques, which we can put to work on your data, and help give you a competitive edge. Meanwhile, our experience of the Manufacturing Industry, means we can handle even the most complex problems.
Driving industry forward
We’re at the forefront of driving industry adoption of advanced ICT solutions, and are a founding member of IMPROVENET, a network of businesses, universities and research centres.

Drawing on the complementary expertise and skills of consortium members, ranging from Machine Learning and IoT systems, to Cloud solutions and advanced prototyping technologies, the IMPROVENET network aims help manufacturing industries use data to drive efficiencies, optimise resources, and be more competitive on the global market.

IMPROVENET partners include: University of Padova, University of Verona, Electrolux, Santex Rimar, Unox and Parker Hannifin. Find out more about the program at:
Tailor-made solutions Statwolf can offer include:
·      Sentiment analysis and contents analytics
·      Fraud detection
·      Inventory optimisation
·      Quality monitoring
·      Predictive maintenance
·      Developing early warning systems
·      Creating outcome simulations
Interested in our pricing?
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Our Approach.
A service tailored to you.
Every business is different, so while our approach to managing high complexity problems is consistent, our platform is customised to individual clients.
Here’s a typical outline of our data modelling process:
1. Scenario study
It all starts with a careful analysis of a your needs and understanding how your data is collected, stored and managed.
2. Project drafting
We plan a solution custom-designed for your business to deliver maximum business impact.
3. Feasibility study
We assess the proposed solution in light of range, quantity, quality, and compatibility of available data to ensure it can help you achieve your objectives. We’ll also determine the most suitable processing techniques and algorithms, and run tests on early results to ensure reliability.
4. Development & continuous feedback
If things are working as expected, we’ll release a viable beta version, so your team can provide continuous hands-on feedback, which is quickly implemented.
5. Go live
When you’re ready, the platform goes live, giving you full control of your users, and their access privileges.
6. Ongoing support
Statwolf is designed to be flexible. So, from working closely with you in the development phase, to supporting you once the project is live, we’re here to help whenever, however we can. We’ll also work side by side with you to ensure your Statwolf solution adapts to your ever-changing needs.
Our guiding principles
We work with a wide variety of clients, in a range of industries. While every project is different, there are some principles we hold close to our hearts.
Speed of execution.
Our goal is to let your data generate value as soon as possible. We work in short, fast development cycles to deliver a viable product that evolves week by week.
With a deep understanding of both data science, and the needs of business, we can help you explore innovative ways of incorporating data-driven decision-making in your organisation.
The Latest Technology
We develop applications based on the most advanced Machine Learning technology. Thanks to our academic network, we’re constantly working on improving both our platform capability and our data expertise.
Care For Your Data
We adopt the highest standards to protect your data from loss, damage and unauthorised access. We give you full control over your user base and strictly adhere to your corporate data rules.
Pricing model
Simple pricing: no hidden costs, no surprises.
We want to build long-lasting relationships with our clients, based on the quality of our product and transparency of our approach to service. We want to develop sustainable solutions for your business needs and adopt an easy-to-understand pricing model.

This is why we provide you with the total cost of your Statwolf solution at the very beginning of the relationship based on the agreed scope, with no surprises or hidden costs. If your needs change, we’ll work with you to redefine the scope and work out an appropriate way forward.
One Time Set-Up Fee
Based on your needs, we’ll develop a project plan by calculating the amount of hours needed to create your solution.
The total will result in a one-off fee for developing and releasing your custom solution.
Annual Service Fee
Because Statwolf is responsible for managing and securely storing your data, once up-and-running,
there’s an annual service fee to help cover:
Application Hosting
·      Data storage
·      Bandwidth
Unlimited Users
·      No cap on number of users.
Backup & Security
·      Automatic data backup
·      Availability guarantee
·      Bank-grade security
Ongoing Upgrades and Platform Manintenance
Online platforms are always evolving, Statwolf keeps up and upgrades for you.
Minor Evolution
Including changes to your visualisations, changes or replacement of data sources and data formats.
User Support
Simple to use, and flexible, using Statwolf needs no training. We provide you all the support materials you need to get your team up and running in minutes.
Contact us for more details on support.