Go beyond standard business intelligence.

Statwolf is an all-in-one business application platform that delivers solutions shaped to your business needs.

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Business Intelligence for your Business

Business intelligence that’s designed to fit.

You don’t need to choose between standard hard-to-use BI tools and larger, more expensive enterprise deployments. With Statwolf you can have state-of-the-art analytics and Machine Learning designed around your business needs at an affordable price. So how does it work?

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Decisions, driven by data

Thanks to state-of-the-art Machine Learning techniques, Statwolf delivers advanced business analytics to improve operational processes and enable better decision-making.
So how does it work?

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Interactive, easy-to-use dashboards

Data visualisations and dashboards are tailored to your specific needs and each user group can have their own custom dashboard, only displaying data and information relevant to them. You can interact with data online, share dashboards and reports, and create data management workflows.

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Flexible deployment, dedicated support

Statwolf is available as a Cloud-based solution, a server edition or a combination of the two. Based on your needs and constraints, you can decide what data and applications will be hosted in the Cloud, along with the level of anonymity and security. We also offer ongoing support throughout your relationship with us to ensure your BI tool is always functioning as required.

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Real-world relevance for enterprise

Statwolf is a business application platform that delivers tailor-made data intelligence solutions. All features are developed with real use cases in mind and exploit the most advanced Machine Learning techniques. Browse use cases and solutions, and discover what Statwolf can do for your business.

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Customer intelligence, sales, and product marketing

Churn prevention, customer segmentation, customer lifetime value, sentiment analysis, single customer view, recommendations and promotions, digital campaign optimisation.

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Manufacturing and supply chain

Predictive maintenance, quality monitoring, inventory optimisation and replenishment planning.

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Business strategy and finance

‘What if’ analysis, risk modelling, KPI monitoring and scorecards.

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The Passion behind Statwolf

Passionate about data, serious about business

Founded by three PhD data scientists, Statwolf is driven by one clear vision: to bridge the gap between academic state-of-the-art solutions and enterprise tools. Together with our growing network of academic advisors, we want to make data science the number one companion to business executives.

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How we can support you

Explore how Statwolf can take your business further.
Want to know more about the platform and how you can get real value out of your data? We'd be happy to answer all your questions, arrange a demo, and discuss the best way to approach your data. And of course, we're more than happy to arrange a meeting at your office.