Improve your decision making,
in an instant.

Imagine a simple online dashboard that puts a wealth of valuable information at your fingertips.

That’s Statwolf.

A simple online platform, available anywhere, Statwolf helps businesses all over the world unlock the secrets in their data, and turn them into competitive advantage. Today’s businesses manage masses of data, with more insights available than ever before.It brings great opportunity, but accessing and making sense of it all canbe a challenge. Statwolf makes it easy.
What our clients say.
Statwolf understands your business intelligence needs. We’ve worked with a wide range of B2Cand B2B clients, from Digital Marketing Agencies, publishers and start-ups, to blue chip corporations.
Since we started using Statwolf to manage our digital channels, we have more time to focus on
developing effective strategies for our business
Vittorio Neri,
Digital Marketing Manager
Roland DG
Statwolf’s Digital Marketing solutions help us create added value, backing up our cutting-edge strategies
and campaigns with results. It helps us show clients the true value we represent for them.
Stefano Guerra,
Digital Strategist
Statwolf gave us a much deeper understanding of what customers think of our products – insights our teams are already putting to great use
Claudio Diodato,
Global Technology Domains